best lebanese restaurant in dubai

best lebanese restaurant in dubai

Best Lebanese Restaurant in Dubai

Looking to reveal in the flavor of Lebanon? Well, you do not want to go over to Beirut to indulge in the country’s tasty treats – you can experience an appetizing unfold of Lebanese food dishes right here in Dubai! This is certain to provide you with the best Middle Eastern dining experience in town. Keif is one of the best Lebanese restaurant in Dubai. The subsequent area gives a luxurious unfold of the quality Lebanese food meals in Dubai. So, if you’re looking for a tasty experience, make sure to check out these Dubai restaurants serving Lebanese cuisine.

Our Branches

Keif’s records began in 2004 with the outlet of the first department in Ashrafieh. The eating place started out as a house, which Keif refurbished into an inviting eatery whilst preserving its records and charm. Consequently, it has become a landmark and the best Lebanese Restaurant in Dubai showcasing the country’s best cuisine.

The Ashrafieh department became a success for many Lebanese as well, because travelers and taken collectively circles of friends, families, and colleagues over its mouth-watering dishes, fragrant shisha, and tranquil exterior terrace for a comfortable place and clean air. The circle belief that kept reappearing all over Keif has clearly become its concept.

In 2008, Keif welcomed greater circles of buddies in Antelias and had become a favorite vacation spot that had set a trend. This department presented an intensive seating area of as many as 250 clients and a spacious outside terrace in which the brand new and antique circles of buddies had been able to dine at any given time in a pleasant and alluring atmosphere.

In 2009, a 3rd department opened in Sin El Fil and has become the spot for snug circle gatherings and rest for clients during their purchasing enjoyment because of its location. This department featured an impressive present-day tent that turned into simply steps away from LeMall’s front at The Habtoor Hotel and had an expansive location of both indoor and outdoor seating.

Keif Cairo opened in March 2013 in the coronary heart of bustling Cairo and charmed the neighborhood customers and travelers with its amazing famous delicacies and complicated décor. The Cairo department made sure its clients were pinnacle precedence with a big and alluring area for as many as 300 guests, with contemporary bars, a rooftop, and a terrace that presented immaculate perspectives of Cairo.

KEIF DUBAI opened its doors in 2015 within the Business Bay at the canal aspect of the captivating Dubai Water Canal. The restaurant offers brilliant global delicacies with the use of pinnacle first-rate substances and serves conventional Lebanese dishes. As it’s located at the Dubai Water Canal, Keif Dubai treats its visitors to a fascinating atmosphere at the big terrace, where they are able to banquet on the awesome food, revel in the view of the canal, and have a terrific time with a circle of buddies or with their own circle of relatives, who can benefit from a secure and amusing playground for the kids to be entertained.

Best Place To Watch The World Cup 2022

Keif also marvels at the enormous display screen, backgammon, and card competition. Keif Lebanese Restaurant has a massive display screens indoors and outdoors to cover all of the sports activities together.

Enjoy The Dubai Canal View

Keif Lebanese Restaurant in the commercial enterprise bay is placed at once At the Dubai water canal. We have a large outdoor terrace with a smoking and non-smoking area where you can enjoy your lunch, dinner, or juices on the canal at any time. The restaurant offers shisha and fusion hookah with distinct flavors. The menu is international and Mediterranean . The view is astonishing the staff became so top-notch. A Lebanese eating place with a stunning canal view. The food is top-notch first-class. One of the great spots if you want to dine and smoke shisha Overall, the meals have become so first-class. Nice perspectives of Business Bay, a comfortable but fashionable atmosphere, and excellent service. The menu has an extensive variety of options.

Best Lebanese Restaurant in Dubai food menu

The menu of Keif Lebanese eating place consists of a large variety of warm beverage options, which includes flavored tea and espresso in distinct approaches of preparation, which including Arabic, Turkish, and international espresso, including cappuccino, French vanilla, latte, mocha, and iced espresso, as well as oriental and western sweets. The amazing staff is very welcoming from the beginning, meals and the simply changed into extraordinary scrumptiousness. From starters to desserts, all of the meal stuff amazes the customers.


Why Lebanese cuisine is the best?

Lebanese delicacies are some of the healthiest meals in the world due to their components and the manner in which they prepare their meals. Lebanese meals are ranked #10 among the world’s healthiest cuisines due to their low-fat alternatives, including hummus, tabbouleh, and different dips and salads.

What do people eat for lunch in Lebanon?

Lunch is a massive meal in Lebanon. Almost the whole thing is eaten with bread. Mezze is a route that includes many small plates. Lebanon’s national dish is kibbeh (a croquette or pie made with minced meat, onions, and spices).

What is the most famous Lebanese restaurant?

Keif Lebanese restaurant is one of the pleasant Lebanese eating places and cafes in Dubai Downtown. It is an international restaurant that specializes in traditional Lebanese delicacies. Their dishes are both traditional and innovative, similar to Italian and international cuisine. As for their venue, it has an indoor eating place and a living room terrace offering exquisite, stylish, current décor.